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Hey there, everyone! My name is Justina, and I've ALWAYS loved to bake. At 16 my Mom bought me my very first cake decorating set, and with those 80+ pieces, I set out to teach myself everything that there was to know about cake design. Not long after, a love for premium ingredients developed as I realized they made a tremendous difference in my product. This wasn't just the esthetic value, but in the taste quality as well! A love was born, and from then on all of my dessert creations were scratch made from the heart. If I wouldn't eat it, how could I dare to let anyone else?!

After realizing my love for mixology while bartending, I began to explore the many pairing possibilities of drinks and desserts, and not only that, but the possibilities of desserts that tasted like our favorite drinks. A margarita cupcake, or maybe a spiked lemonade macaron or a cabernet cupcake with dark chocolate ganache? I've done them all, and they're all fantastic!


In 2012, I used all of my savings to open a bakery in my hometown; Buffalo, NY. I was The Buffalo Cakery. Little did I know at the time, I began a renting relationship with a not-so-caring individual who would leave me high and dry and after 8 months in a position to legally leave my lease, and to leave my negative bank account at a minimal amount.

After more than 5 years and the knowledge I've gained from my previous experience (DO YOUR RESEARCH ON LANDLORDS!!!) and a fresh perspective on what I want to accomplish (less common every day desserts, and more unique gourmet creations), I'm ready to start again with help from YOU!



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