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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Where are you located?

A.    I'm a freelance home baker in Mooresville, NC and work from my very own home kitchen. I do not have set hours, but am available for tastings and appointments by request. Tastings are typically on Sundays, but am happy to accommodate any days that are convenient for my clients. 

Q.   How much notice do you need to create a cake for my event?

A.    Generally 2-3 weeks, but during peak wedding season (April-October), 4-6 weeks is advisable. 

Q.   Do you make gluten-free/vegan cakes?

A.    I do! There is a small additional charge for the additional cost of ingredient to do so, but the majority of my recipes have successfully been converted to be available GF and/or vegan!

Q.   Do you deliver?

A.    Absolutely! There is a $1/mile charge for all deliveries and must be arranged prior to final payment being made. 

Q.   Do you have an order minimum?

A.    Nope!

Q.   Do you make anything sugar free?

A.    Not at this time. Sugar substitutes have not tested well in my recipes so far.

Q.   Can you accommodate food allergies?

A.    I am a scratch baker, so I absolutely can accommodate food allergies as far as excluding specific ingredients and finding suitable replacements to create an indulge-able dessert. With that being said, my kitchen is not fully nut, egg, or dairy free and there is always a small chance of contamination. If the allergy is severe, I would suggest not taking a chance. 

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